Recovery and Reclaim

Al Waleed Refrigerant Gas Industry provides all mode of Recovery and Reclaim under supervision of our experienced Technician and Engineers. Just calling to AL Waleed Refrigerant Gas Industry is enough to get your solutions done!

We believes in sustainability hence instead of letting the new harmful and toxic products be created, we opt for sustainability over disposal. Through the secure processes of recovery, reclamation, and repurposing of existing products, we continuously lead to waste reduction and a long product lifestyle. We are at the center stage when it comes to upholding the principles of the circular economy.

Industry-Leading Solution

Al-Waleed claims to be the best in the market based on cutting-edge technology that aids in lifecycle refrigerant management. We skillfully remove the contaminants from the existing refrigerants and repurpose them for the market to reduce newer productions. Our process helps in presenting low GWP gases in the market and reducing the harmful impact of gases on the environment.

Pioneering the Principles of Circular Economy

Al-Waleed takes the lead in the cycle of the economy. We go through the Supply → Use → Recover → Reclaim/ chain again and again to preserve the environment and meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

recovery cycle

Recovery Services

Whether you are looking for high-speed refrigerant recovery or cost-effective refrigeration solutions, Al-Waleed is your answer. Not limited to small sectors, we serve all possible sectors such as , Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration, Marine, Automotive and many more. Open to your service 24/7, our professional team is here to assist you in making an informed decision.

Benefits of our Refrigerant Recovery & Reclamation Process

Conformity with Industry Standards:

All local regulations are kept in check by certified Technicians to aid in the documentation process.

Quick Service:

Al-Waleed is cautious of your time; our services are 10 times quicker than the rest in the market saving you from an extended downtime.

End-of-life Refrigerant Management:

We make sure during the recovery & reclamation process that the refrigerant isn’t being released into the environment hence reducing the carbon
footprint on the planet.

Cost-effective Solution:

We believe in inclusivity as much as accessibility. We have kept our charges low despite our top-quality services so you can experience top-class solutions at cheap prices.

Customized Solution:

Our unified solutions are tailored according to the specific requirements of the customers.