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R404a Refrigerant Gas can be replaced by R-449B

R-449B — With a GWP of 1,296, R-449B is a non-flammable, non-ozone depleting (ODP = 0) alternative for R-404A. R-449B is a four-part refrigerant mixture consisting of HFC-32, HFC-125, HFC-134a, and HFO-1234yf. It has an A1 safety rating, which means it is nonflammable and harmless. Existing polyolester lubricants for R-404A can likewise be used effectively with R-449B. R-449B has been approved by SNAP for use in the following applications:

Commercial ice machines, both new and retrofitted.

Units for remote condensing.

Transport must be refrigerated.

Food refrigeration in retail.

Low-temperature stand-alone retail food refrigeration device.

R-22 and R-404A commercial refrigeration supermarket systems, both new and retrofit.

Food refrigeration in retail.

R-449B has been demonstrated in testing to provide up to an 11 percent efficiency boost over R-404A while reducing the GWP by two-thirds.

R-449A — R-449A is a four-part refrigerant combination comprising HFC-32, HFC-125, HFO-1234yf, and HFC-134a that is SNAP-listed. It has a zero ODP. R-449A is an HFO-based refrigerant mix that was developed to replace R-404A in stationary refrigeration applications. With a GWP of 1,397, it combines great cooling performance and energy efficiency. Existing polyolester lubricants for R-404A can likewise be used effectively with R-449A. It is intended for use in new and retrofitting direct-expansion, low- and medium-temperature commercial and industrial applications that utilize direct expansion.

R-448A — R-448A is a nonflammable, nontoxic, five-part refrigerant mixture of class A1. It contains the same refrigerants as R-449A, with the addition of a trace (7%) of HFO-1234ze. It is an R-404A replacement refrigerant with a GWP of 1,273 and an ODP of zero.

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