Westron R290 Refillable Gas

Physical and Chemical Properties

Chemical NamePropane
Chemical FormulaCH3CH2CH3
Molecular Weight44.10 g/mol
FormLiquefied Gas
Freezing Point-187.7 °C
Boiling PoinT at 1.013-42.09 °C
Critical Pressure4248 hPa



Westron® Refrigerants Propane, or R-290, is a hydrocarbon that is used in some refrigeration equipment, such as heat pumps, commercial refrigeration equipment, etc. When working with hydrocarbon refrigerants, it is very important that they are very pure, as if there are any impurities present (sulphur, water, etc.) it could cause the oil lubricants in the system to degrade and damage the compressors, among other things. Furthermore, if the hydrocarbon is not very pure it can sometimes be mixed with other hydrocarbons, which can drastically alter the physical and thermodynamic properties of the original hydrocarbon.

The propane that is used in refrigeration applications is not odourised, as it is when used for domestic
purposes (domestic hydrocarbons are odourised so that a leak can be detected quickly). It is therefore not easily detectable when there is a leak.