Westron R134a Refillable Gas

Physical and Chemical Properties

Chemical Name1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane
Chemical FormulaCH2FCF3
Molecular Weight102.02 g/mol
FormLiquefied Gas
Melting Point-101 °C (-150 °F)
Boiling PoinT at 1.013-26.2 °C (-15.1 °F)
Vapor Pressure5,915 hPa at 21.1 °C (70.0 °F)


Westron® 134a (HFC-134a) has been developed by Westron® to serve as one of the key substitutes for CFCs and HCFCs. Westron® 134a is a long-term, environmentally friendly, non-ozone depleting substitute. As a refrigerant, it possesses similar energy efficiency and capacity characteristics as Westron® 12 and has an intrinsically low toxicity. Westron® 134a is the alternative refrigerant of choice in automobile air-conditioning. It may be used in residential and commercial refrigeration, as well as commercial, and industrial air-conditioning.