Experience the adoption of Mobile Air-Conditioning (MAC) in different types of Automobiles and Delivery Vehicles through the Al-Waleed Refrigerant Gas Industry. Alongside MAC, Transport Refrigeration is carried out with the use of cutting-edge technology in transporting vehicles such as trucks, vans, containers, and rail wagons. All these vehicles encompass the use of Hydrofluoroolefin (HFO), Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC), refrigerants.

Our Lifecycle Refrigeration Management (LRM) approach takes center stage, guiding the vehicles with their first fill and meeting the evolving requirements of the aftermarket sector.

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Al-Waleed is the most renowned name in the Air-Conditioning Industry when it comes to the Supplying and Management of Refrigerants which are essential for the HVAC systems. Al-Waleed has made its name by serving in all four sectors of the Air Conditioning Industry including Domestic, Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Sectors. Al-Waleed is also the flag-bearer of providing environmentally friendly refrigerant solutions.

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Refrigerants play a pivotal role in our daily lives, ensuring the preservation of our food, and maintaining comfortable living spaces.

Al-Waleed doesn’t just provide one-time purchase services. We have a reputation among our customers for providing services throughout the lifecycle of refrigerants. Our comprehensive approach to lifecycle refrigerant management is designed to seamlessly support you throughout every stage of the product life cycle, from initial supply to recovery and end-of-life services. Equipped with the industry’s largest fleet of dedicated recovery/reclaim cylinders, our mobile recovery services from the Al-Waleed Gas Industry are tailored for efficient refrigerant recovery during equipment servicing. ISO containers and ton tanks are also available for larger volumes of materials such as retail cold stores and food processing industries.

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Al-Waleed Refrigerant Gas Industry is well-equipped with the diverse range of refrigerants that are needed in the Process Cooling Industry. Not only the products but the complete guide on the operation and function of these Refrigerants is also provided. Except for cost-effective services, technical advice to assist with refrigerant retrofits and advice on complying with local legislation are also provided.

Where many other companies ignore the Medical Sector in their services, Al-Waleed takes pride in serving the Medical Sector with its supply of R134a medical Grade and efficiency in end-of-life management.

Competent at Managing Waste Canisters, Al-Waleed is acknowledged as exceptional in dealing with the HFC gasses You can rely on Al-Waleed for the recovery services of the HFC gasses.

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Al-Waleed Gas Industry specializes in providing solutions for transporting temperature-dependent cargo using refrigerated containers. These containers are also called reefers. Our offerings include a comprehensive range of refrigerants and services tailored for marine air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Additionally, we operate reclamation facilities dedicated to responsibly managing and reclaiming refrigerants from the shipping and transportation sectors.

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