It is essential to keep your ACs and refrigerators clean and maintained with the help of cleaner and freon gas suppliers in UAE because AC units are exposed to the outdoors, debris, as well as variations in the weather and temperature, can wreak havoc on them, causing them to rust, clog, and deteriorate at a faster rate than usual. Freon gas is used in ACs. 

What Is It?

Freon is a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) that has been related to ozone depletion. Hence it is being phased out of usage as soon as possible. Is this to say you should run out and get a new HVAC system right away? Examine the history of Freon and what is occurring with its use so that you can select the best course of action for your air conditioning equipment.

How Does It Work?

In your air conditioner, there is a system of coils and compressors. The AC compresses the R-22 gas, which causes it to become sweltering. When this gas passes through the coils, it cools to liquid. The cooled R-22 absorbs heat from the outside air and then pushes the cold air out. Comfort in your house and automobile is provided by a continuous cycle of hot air in and cold air out.

To keep the air cold, every air conditioner requires a refrigerant. When coolant leaks, the air conditioner stops pumping cold air. Worse, these coolant leaks are ozone-depleting. Most air conditioners produced after 2003 do not utilize Freon as a refrigerant because of rigorous rules that make Freon more expensive to maintain.

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