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As the world continues to rely on refrigeration technology, the refrigerant gas industry stands poised to play an increasingly critical role in shaping the future.


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Inclusive Range

WESTRON® offers an inclusive range of commercial, substitute, transitional and long-term refrigerants. We meet or beat the performance levels of older refrigerants.

Lower GDP Refrigerants

WESTRON® is providing lower GDP refrigerants and the brand is at the technology front-line of every chief development of fluorocarbon refrigerants in MENA and African regions.

Competitive Refrigerants

WESTRON® has lower to no environmental impact; they’re trustworthy, proficient & worthwhile. Today’s major stationary & mobile refrigerants are effectively managed by us.

Who We Are?

Learn about our history, mission, and values

Works with imports and Exports Refilling and
Repacking of Refrigerant Gases, Industrial chemicals
and solvents and Recovery and Reclamation of
Refrigerants to meet our customers demand.

While considering 19 years of immense experience
within the industry, We offer our valued customers
high-quality product and services.

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  • “A trusted partner in refrigeration, delivering excellence and innovation”
  • “The ultimate choice for cooling solutions, with superior products and services”
  • “Keeping you cool and comfortable, with reliable and eco-friendly refrigerants”
  • “We care for your comfort and the planet, with green and efficient refrigerants”
  • “Protecting your health and the environment, with safe and sustainable cooling solutions”
  • “The best refrigerants for your needs and the world’s needs, with quality and responsibility”
  • “We bring our refrigerants to you, no matter where you are”
  • “Our cooling solutions are globally accessible, with high standards and performance”
  • “We deliver our products with care and excellence, across the world”
To drive innovation and progress in the refrigerant industry
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lower prices than competitors. Our company is able to keep the price of refrigerant gas at the affordable level.

1 %

reducing greenhouse gas emissions per year. We're committed to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting social responsibility

Our services
Discover the range of services we offer

Import And Export of Refrigerant gases

Facilitates the global movement of refrigerant gases for various applications. Manages regulatory compliance and documentation for international trade.

Refilling Refrigerant Gases

Provides the service of replenishing refrigerant gases in systems to maintain optimal functionality. Ensures proper handling and disposal of used refrigerants in accordance with environmental regulations.

Refrigerant Recovery from all type of System

Specializes in extracting refrigerants from diverse systems, promoting environmental sustainability. Adheres to industry standards and safety protocols during the recovery process.

Refrigerant Analysis Laboratory Services

Offers comprehensive laboratory services to analyze the composition and condition of refrigerant gases. Helps in assessing the quality, purity, and potential contaminants in refrigerants.

Rental Services For Recovery Machine

Provides temporary access to refrigerant recovery machines for businesses or individuals. Supports maintenance and repair activities without the need for a long-term investment.

Rental Recovery Cylinders and Ton Tanks

Offers the temporary use of recovery cylinders and ton tanks for efficient handling and storage of recovered refrigerants. Enables flexibility in managing refrigerant recovery operations.

Transform Your Refrigerant Recovery Process

Streamline your processes by utilising our on-site refrigerant recovery service and save valuable time, reduce costs and maintain business as usual.

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Global Career Opportunities

Al Waleed’s purpose is to protect and enhance the environment by effectively managing the lifecycle of refrigerants to build a sustainable future. We can only achieve this by having such exceptional people as part of our global team.

As a leading player in the refrigerants industry, we're committed to delivering the solutions that keeps the world cool
We're proud to be a useful and valuable partner to our customers and communities
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